Blog: VeraPass® – A Firsthand Account of Diebold’s Comprehensive Security Solution

January 20, 2016  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Today, in almost any work environment, efficiency is key. But for financial institutions (FIs), they need to be efficient, secure and accountable — leaving FIs wanting smarter solutions that fit their specific demands and strategies.

TruMark Financial, a CO-OP Shared Branch credit union based in Pennsylvania, wanted a more secure banking environment and new ways to provide members with exceptional service. Like many FIs, TruMark Financial wanted to improve efficiencies and create better experiences for their members.

However, TruMark noticed a lack of staff on the floor when cash was needed from the vault. Because it took two employees to access the vault, there were fewer employees available to assist members inside the branch. Managing mechanical keys in today’s fast paced, information-ready environment made the branch antiquated. Recognizing this inefficiency, TruMark Financial looked for a more efficient way to access their vault, as well as their drawers, without having to sacrifice security and while staying within budget.

Their solution? VeraPass®. VeraPass is Diebold’s software-enabled comprehensive lock and key management solution.

VeraPass brings intelligent, tamper-proof features wherever restricted access is needed — without the hassle of installing wiring — enabling retailers to designate who, when, where and how long a person has access to a certain door or safe. In addition, VeraPass adds an electronic component to key management processes by identifying, assigning and logging keys associated with each lock.

Watch as TruMark Financial Branch Manager, Darrin Graham discusses why and how VeraPass was the right solution for TruMark Financial and why he recommends it to other financial institutions:

Diebold is the exclusive physical security provider of a single-key, enterprise software solution. For increased accountability, controlled access and efficient system management, learn more about VeraPass here.

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