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Blog: Turn Your ATM Into a Marketing Engine

September 07, 2017  |  AMIE SCARPITTI

Is an ATM a cash dispenser—a transactional machine for issuing currency on demand? Or, is the ATM a marketing engine with the potential to really speak to customers on an individual level and connect them with opportunities?

ATM marketing isn’t a new concept. But often, messaging feels like a series of auto-pilot promotions. They aren’t tied to an overall marketing strategy, let alone individualized to address the customer’s needs. So, should financial institutions (FIs) pay closer attention to the way they program that ATM screen time? What’s the value in really leveraging an ATM marketing solution?

Now, we can answer those questions. Diebold Nixdorf commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential ROI banks can realize by implementing strategic marketing messages at the ATM. Forrester studied how Diebold Nixdorf’s Marketing solution can be utilized to benefit banks. The research evaluated costs and risks of deploying the solution vs. gains. From this Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, we produced a report and webinar that could change the way you see the ATM.

Your ATM messaging matters. There’s ROI in getting it right.

Our team has global experience working with FIs to implement strategic Marketing solutions on your ATMs. Learn more about the Forrester TEI study by reading the white paper or listening to the on-demand webinar.


Let's talk about how you can move your ATMs into multi-tasking marketing engines.

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