Blog: The Digital Game Changer Making “Owned Channel” Advertising More Critical Than Ever Before

October 04, 2018  |  AMIE SCARPITTI

First it was Apple. Then Mozilla.

Major web browsers (Safari and Firefox, respectively) are making major changes to how they manage consumers’ personal data. Here’s how the AP described it: “[These] browsers aim to prevent companies from turning ‘cookie’ data files used to store sign-in details and preferences into broader trackers that take note of what you read, watch and research on other sites.”

Increasing consumer concerns about privacy are making them leery about using some web browsers and services. While some browsers are preventing ad companies from tracking behavior, consumers are also taking action by installing ad-blocking extensions for browsers that prevent ads from being shown.

What does it mean for financial institutions … and anyone else trying to get their marketing message out to the masses?

Consumers are tuning out digital ads when they’re not contextual, useful or requested. And the companies that own those channels are choosing consumers’ sides in the debate, making it tougher for your ad to get targeted to the right segment.

How can you get your marketing message heard?

When your consumers step up to your ATMs, they’re in a banking frame of mind. They’re interacting with a trusted source—the screen on your terminal—and they’re viewing wait screens while they conduct their transactions. There is no better time to connect with them through customized, personalized ads based on their specific banking history.

Many banks we talk with struggle with a siloed approach to marketing. The ATM channel is connected to one CRM system. Mobile is on a different system, online on another system.

Through our integrated software solutions, we’re helping our clients plug and play marketing messages across their entire “owned network” of channels, from the ATM to in-branch digital displays and even their mobile app. Our unified back-end platform enables us to crunch the data to make educated marketing decisions tailored uniquely to them.

The common denominator is that in every engagement, these banks are connecting with consumers who are already conducting banking activities through trusted banking channels. Rather than engaging with an ad “out in the wild,” they’re interacting directly with the bank brand. It’s a unique situation that every bank should use to their advantage.

In a Forrester study conducted on Diebold Nixdorf’s behalf, “Marketing at the ATM: A Total Economic Impact Study,” here’s what one banking sales director from a multinational bank said about the power of the ATM: “We started using the ATM as a low-cost channel but have found it helps us reach more customers by being available 24x7. It expands our reach and helps us target specific audiences.”

Marketing through your owned channels works. It has the potential to save millions and connect your consumers with messages targeted just to them. Find out more about how our Vynamic™ Engagement software solutions can help you drive innovative new marketing campaigns that actually get seen—and get the engagement you expect from your marketing assets:




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