Blog: Personalized Marketing, Now Available at the ATM 

November 15, 2017  |  AMIE SCARPITTI

I watched a documentary recently directed by Dave Grohl. Yup, the Foo Fighters guy. The movie was about how much technology has changed the music industry – big, old-fashioned sound boards have been replaced with ProTools. One musician recalled the first time he saw a computer being wheeled into the sound room, and how perplexed he was at the idea of using a computer to digitally edit music.

The scene reminded me both of how far the ATM industry has come – and how far we still have to go when it comes to using the self-service channel as a marketing tool. Often when we meet with banks, “marketing” and “ATM” are not really words used in conversation together. Bank marketers are using HTML5 to create campaigns, and focusing the majority of their efforts on digital ads, emails, and print marketing. The ATM is relegated to the back burner, without any fancy “ProTools for ATMs” software.

What they don’t realize is that there actually IS a tool they can use to broaden their campaigns to the ATM, drive hyper-targeted, personalized messages through the self-service channel, and even use to extend those ATM marketing campaigns back out to other channels, from the call center to mobile and even two-way video.

There’s another thing they often don’t realize, either: The astounding ROI they could be getting on their ATM marketing campaigns if they do it right. Watch:

Our Marketing at the ATM solution harnesses HTML5 because that’s the direction the digital industry has been heading in for years. It’s a standard that enables you to hire designers who already know how to use the tools, and can more efficiently extend your marketing campaign to the ATM channel. Find out how:

And users will find lots to be surprised and delighted about, too. Get a step-by-step demo on some of our most popular transactions:

Marketing at the ATM – and extending that marketing power to other channels – can offer some surprising results. It’s time to consider this channel for what it is: a potential marketing powerhouse that meets people (both “on us” and “off us” consumers) while they’re in a banking frame of mind.

Find out more about the Forrester research study we commissioned to discover how banks are currently reaping the benefits of our cutting edge technology. Wondering how to get started? Talk to us today, and we’ll help you figure it out.

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