Blog: Our Commitment to You as Your Security Partner

August 17, 2018  |  DAVID PHISTER

Being recognized as a security-driven company is nothing new for Diebold Nixdorf—our roots in security solutions go back nearly 160 years. A lot has changed in that time, however. Threats are evolving much more quickly than in decades past, and in today’s connected world, agility is the key to keeping people, processes and technology systems safe.

To keep up, your defenses have to evolve just as quickly as attack vectors, and that’s why we are renewing our commitment to being the best possible security partner for our customers. We want to ensure you have the insights, tools and solutions you need to secure your assets, your data and your customers’ trust both today and tomorrow.

In the financial services industry and the retail market, being able to meet consumers’ needs and quell concerns while navigating an increasingly complex transactional environment has significantly raised the stakes of operation. From critical back-end systems to the self-service network that often acts as the “face” of an organization, we are designing security into every dimension and process—providing the physical, cyber and fraud protection you need to succeed across connected channels.

What does a renewed commitment to security look like in action? Here’s what you can expect.

Diebold Nixdorf’s Security Promise

We Will Innovate.

We will continue to redefine and develop technologies that address ever-evolving security threats against ATMs, payment devices and networks.

  • We have roughly 4,000 patents in the industry and are continually assessing our aggregate portfolio defense posture to ensure we deliver best-of-breed protection and monitoring technology across our self-service systems.
  • Recent solutions—such as the ActivEdge Secure Card Reader that defeats all known forms of card skimming and the most secure payment and PIN-entry devices in the world developed by our cryptographic design manufacturing team—are negating historically troublesome attack vectors across the globe.
  • We are deploying our tightly integrated multi-vendor Vynamic Security Software Suite worldwide to protect self-service terminals, POS devices, operating systems and customer data against complex threats, and we are offering Managed Security Services through which we personally ensure your connected networks remain secure.

We Will Integrate.

Diebold Nixdorf has always recommended a layered security approach as the most effective means to establish trust and deter security threats, and we’re ensuring your defensive measures work together seamlessly.

  • Our systems are designed using a “Zero Trust” model that limits access, enforces authentication and requires encryption as a standard to protect vital system data across the security architecture from the physical to the digital.
  • Our engineering methodology integrates trust into every dimension, application and process. This trust begins in the product design process, is embedded in manufacturing and ultimately is founded in every system from the host to the user interface to the communications, software and hardware components.
  • Through a strategic alliance with ThetaRay, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) FinTech, we are harnessing the power of machine learning & big data analytics to thwart unknown threats, enhance our risk detection capabilities and strengthen our E2E security portfolio.

We Will Inform.

Diebold Nixdorf proactively tracks regulatory initiatives and global security trends, collaborating with security agencies to help customers protect themselves against potential threats.

  • We are working hand-in-hand with the BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany), FBI, USSS (United States Secret Service) and other security agencies across the globe to monitor global events and anticipate migration threats and trends.
  • We founded the ATM Security Industry Association to ensure the ongoing and perpetual examination of security threats and necessary standards. We are also spearheading critical industry initiatives with ATMIA/EAST and actively participate with the industry’s standards bodies—PCI, EMV and CEN—to help guide future security standards, initiatives and technologies.
  • We provide customers and non-customers the ability to subscribe to near real-time security alerts that monitor the global landscape and provide recommendations on how to increase an organization's security posture against potential threats.

Whatever your circumstances, we want to enable you with everything you need to protect and monitor your end-to-end technology landscape across the digital worlds of retail and banking. Whether you’re concerned about traditional, physical attacks against your infrastructure or complex cyber attacks on your networks, know that we have you covered.

While we’re committed to staying abreast of security trends, ultimately, we know partnership is a two-way street. So, tell us—what threats have you most concerned? How can we help you avoid disruption or loss within your enterprise? Reach out; I’m interested to hear your thoughts. You can also listen to our recent podcast "Cyber Security: It Takes More Than a Firewall" for insights from our experts.

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