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Blog: Never Miss a Moment with Your Consumers

December 14, 2017  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

The transformation from traditional sourcing to an “as a service” economy is well underway. Analysts expect the XaaS market globally to grow at a CAGR of 38% by 2020. For those financial institutions (FIs) not yet making the move toward “as a service” for their self-service delivery channel, it is time to rethink ATM channel sourcing. Increasing functionality at the ATM means increased complexity for your ATM operations, IT and security departments. Consumers continue to demand more, and this places increased pressure on FIs to respond – but most don’t automatically have the added resources to manage everything that comes along with it. It’s an especially critical challenge for FIs that don’t have the internal tools and capabilities in place to handle the infrastructure and complexity.

What we see all too frequently is that while FIs are spending limited time and resources managing the day-to-day nuances of the self-service channel, they are at risk of missing precious moments with their consumers. Face-to-face interactions with consumers are at a premium in today’s digital universe. These are critical, in-person moments that cannot be gained back.

Finding the optimal way to balance the consumer’s need for “more” with the capabilities required to keep up with those needs is increasingly important.

Enter ATM as a service. It’s a way to connect the physical and digital needs of consumers with their FIs in an “always on” environment. Our ATM as a Service solution shifts the ownership and management of the bank’s self-service delivery channel to Diebold Nixdorf experts, who specialize in managing and running self-service networks. It includes all of the services, software and technology required to successfully serve your consumers, which means your organization has a collaborative partner that owns and manages everything on your behalf. In an “as a service” model, the ATM can often be treated as an operational expense, minimizing large, upfront capital expenditures.

ATM as a Service gives FIs the opportunity to seize each moment with each consumer, rather than focusing on operations, compliance, technology refresh and complexity. FIs and their consumers are afforded the convenience of self-service without compromising moments to interact with consumers.

Don’t miss a moment. Find out how our ATM as a Service solution could transform your business.


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