Blog: How To Lower the Level of Difficulty with Software Patching & Updates

December 10, 2018  |  MARCIA HIRATA

Do you view your ATM as part of your digital network? At its heart, the ATM is a computer that’s always on, and always connected. Yet it’s so physical in nature—a big terminal that spits out physical currency—it’s easy to think of it as a physical touchpoint. But that would mean missing out on some big opportunities, and ignoring some mammoth responsibilities.

Here’s the deal: Your ATM network is a vital connection point between your consumers’ physical and digital banking worlds. We’re enabling new transactions and interactions at the self-service terminal all the time, and your consumers often view your ATMs as the face of your brand. On the flip side, however, are criminals, who relish attempting to hack ATMs because of the endless digital data (and physical currency) they can access within.

Modern fleets require modern updating techniques

Software security updates are critical, not only to ensure criminals can’t access your network, but also to ensure your consumers have the best experience possible every time they interact with one of your ATMs.

Some sobering stats illustrate how challenging this can be. In a study Forrester Consulting conducted on behalf of Diebold Nixdorf, they found that only 36% of FIs conduct weekly software updates and patches, and 43% conduct them only once a month. But PCI compliance requires that any software patches must be implemented within a month of their release! Add in the complexities of more than 100 utilities and drivers stored on an ATM to make it work, plus the challenges of inventory management (i.e., terminals purchased at different times, from different manufacturers, with upgraded devices or different software configurations), and you get an environment ripe with opportunities for thieves and hackers.

Centralized management can help you maintain control over your network, no matter how complex it is. You may want to manage your fleet on your own, with tools that can give you enhanced visibility, or with the support of an outside partner with expertise in ATM fleet management.

Our security guide, “Security and Software Updates: You Can’t Have One without the Other,” explores the modern-day reality of ATM software updates and patches, and maps out two paths to consider: DIY, supported by our DN Vynamic™ software, or XaaS, supported by DN AllConnect Services℠.

Sometimes, the best thing your brand can do is stay OUT of the limelight. When security breaches, theft or exposed data issues occur, you don’t want your brand’s name anywhere in sight—and with the right tools and support, you won’t have to worry about that ever happening.

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Wondering which path is right for you … or just have questions about your security strategy? Let’s talk about your unique priorities.

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