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Blog: Get Your Message Out: How to Leverage the ATM to Educate and Aid Cardholders

October 11, 2021  |  MIKE PITTS

COVID-19 upturned our world, making video meetings the norm and virtual communication second nature. One channel that’s been around but possibly underutilized in the banking world is the ATM channel. Yes, of course your organization likely already uses them to promote new offers and advertise the deal of the day; but the ATM channel has a lot of reach and recently we’ve seen it being used for more than just targeted ads. 

Think of the ATM as a Digital Channel
Some banks are taking advantage of having an always-available digital channel to provide much needed education and communication. With small businesses facing devastating losses, banks needed a quick and efficient way to educate their account holders on the specific incentives—like government loans for small businesses—available to them. As many federal programs were under control of the state government to distribute, some banks found themselves needing to communicate and educate differently depending on the state and location. This was the perfect opportunity to leverage location-based content on the ATM. Based on the ATM location, banks were able to communicate on the ATM screens the relevant incentives available for their small business customers. Even something as simple as providing the proper phone number to call to get more information, or the website where more information could be obtained, was critical in effectively and quickly getting the word out to these businesses.

QR Codes are Back and Better than Ever
Another opportunity that hadn’t had much traction prior to the pandemic is QR codes. QR code use has increased drastically and become second nature for most people. Many restaurants, and the service industry in general, moved away from physical menus and handouts, to QR codes that allow consumers to simply use their own mobile phone to get information. 

This same technology is also being used to communicate and provide information on the ATM screen. One specific example is educating cardholders about a new mobile app. The mobile app can easily be downloaded by simply scanning the QR code shown on the ATM screen, which takes the cardholder to the app store where they can download and use it instantly. This same concept can apply to so many things: links to online resources, links to educational videos, or specific offers.

As trends indicate a significant reduction of branch visits and time spent interacting with tellers, the self-service channel has never been more important to manage and develop the relationship with your consumers. Taking advantage of this channel for communication, however, requires the right technology and the right data to deliver a personalized user experience and a relevant message to the right person at the right time.

Diebold Nixdorf has been helping FIs create meaningful self-service experiences for their consumers for many years. Our industry-leading Vynamic Software makes it easy, seamless and intuitive to manage ATM marketing campaigns, and it’s hosted in our secure cloud environment. Our clients have the freedom to deploy innovative and personalized marketing messages, and the flexibility to do it themselves, or access holistic support from Diebold Nixdorf. 

Learn more about how Campaign Management can enable you to access your marketing portal from any web browser, and administer campaigns anywhere, anytime, while we manage and maintain the back-end infrastructure. 

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