Blog: Don’t Let the Bad Guys Hijack Your Brand

August 30, 2017  |  DAVID PHISTER

Black box attacks. Skimming and shimming. Cutting, drilling and prying.

The threats faced by today’s ATMs are enough to make your head spin, and they’re growing more sophisticated by the day. And these days, there’s so much more than money at stake.

While ATMs have long tempted criminals as “big boxes of cash,” customer data and information is today’s top prize. Consider:

  • Physical ATM attacks have increased by 30% from 2015 to 2016…
  • …while logical attacks have increased 460% during the same time period.

That’s enough to grab your attention, right?

Now imagine that one of your customers has their data stolen after they withdraw cash. Suddenly their trust in your organization is shattered—and they’re thinking twice before they’re comfortable using your system again.

Today, your entire self-service ecosystem needs a multilayered strategy to harden itself against attacks. Even as new technologies like contactless, mobile and biometrics emerge, criminals will constantly develop new methods—and sometimes reappropriate old methods—of compromising self-service terminals. They’re infiltrating software environments, carrying out complex logical attacks, all in an effort to steal customer information.

Are you prepared?

With the right countermeasures in place, you can detect and deter criminal activity, no matter where it comes from. In our new Security Snapshot, we’ve outlined the features and benefits of our end-to-end ATM security solutions. Take a closer look at the threats, the sources and the most comprehensive solutions available to keep your brand out of the hands of the bad guys.

Your customers want to carry out their transactions on their terms—whenever and wherever they want. And they trust your institution to do it. Don’t betray that trust.

Download more information about our end-to-end ATM security solutions and contact us to begin combating threats from the inside out.

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