Blog: Does Your Digital Strategy Include This Key Component?

June 24, 2019  |  DEVON WATSON

The way people bank has changed. Not only have smartphones completely transformed the way the world engages, global regulations and new software innovations have dramatically shifted the narrative around what it means to be a bank. As a result of these trends, modern consumers are more fickle and fluid in their brand interactions than ever before—because they can be.

Watch: Connected commerce is already at work in your consumers’ daily lives.

Banks and credit unions have an enormous opportunity to take advantage of these changes. After all, financial institutions (FIs) have spent decades building infrastructure and trust. As non-traditional competitors attempt to unbundle financial transactions, FIs should “lean in” to those two key attributes and build on their ability to engage with consumers through their full spectrum of touchpoints, both digital and physical. In the modern, digitized global economy, the ATM is a critical connection point—and it should be a key component of FIs’ digital strategies moving forward.

Today’s digitized self-service channels empower consumers to connect and transact the way they want, wherever and whenever they want to engage.

Our new family of self-service solutions, DN Series™, connects physical and digital channels, offering more personalization, more efficiency and more availability to help FIs drive deeper connections with consumers. We’ve moved from a reactive to a proactive service model, harnessing our powerful DN AllConnectSM Data Engine—an intelligent data-driven system that integrates big data, machine learning and advanced analytics—to deliver heightened performance and a better customer experience. And we designed recycling capabilities into every terminal, ensuring an optimized cash cycle and a future-proof solution that’s ready for FIs’ changing needs.

Take a look at how we rethought the ATM channel from the ground up to offer our customers and their consumers more: explore the family at DieboldNixdorf.com/DNseries.

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