Blog: Five Reasons to Attend the Newest FinTech Conference

July 31, 2019  |  DEVON WATSON

The countdown is on to Intersect 2019. Have you planned your trip yet? Intersect is our new conference that brings together the best of what we see from shows all over the world.

For three days in Las Vegas we will have bank and credit union executives, financial technology leaders, Diebold Nixdorf experts and guest thought leaders to explore the intersection of technology and user experience; of financial institutions and FinTechs; of banking and commerce; of partners and providers; of physical and digital channels; the list goes on.

Here are five reasons not to miss Intersect 2019 (register HERE):

5. Futurist Ben Hammersley offers a wake-up call for organizations. Hammersley has some tough questions for you, but he also has sage advice on how to be present now, so your organization can really be prepared for the future. He advises governments, writes tech books and even coined the word “podcast.” Get ready for a thought-provoking keynote session.

4. Our regional roundtables give you the opportunity to network and speak frankly with similar organizations. Network and share best practices with your peers—and gather invaluable advice to take back to your own financial institution.

3. DN Series is front and center. Demo the new system line firsthand and hear from our top experts on the future of self-service. Intersect is where you can get exclusive information about DN solution roadmaps and best-practice strategies.

2. A stellar Day Three. We’re saving the best for last. We’ve assembled the industry’s top security minds, including experts from the U.S. Secret Service, FBI and NCFTA, for a security panel that will ensure you’re up to date on the latest threats from the front lines of fraud.

1. Tales from the trenches. These are some of the most insightful and fascinating sessions at Intersect: DN customers and industry experts including Banco Popular, Forrester’s Alyson Clarke and more will present success stories and insights from their own strategic projects, featuring digital innovation methodology, omnichannel implementation and more.

Some of the most exciting innovation in the financial space is happening at the intersection of consumers’ physical and digital worlds. At Intersect 2019, we’ll explore these trends and discuss how organizations like yours can generate maximum results today, while being future-ready. I can’t wait to see you there!

Learn more and register to attend Intersect 2019 here.

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