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Blog: Branch Transformation: Transcend Channels, Connect More Deeply with Consumers

November 08, 2017  |  UWE KRAUSE

In our modern world, we expect access and on-demand service from banks—consumers want to bank when, where and how they choose. They want a personalized experience and technology that solves problems rather than simply completing transactions. Delivering this requires a shift in mindset from the traditional branch role as a “teller” to a more informative, intuitive and responsive role as a partner.

How do we get there? In two words, branch transformation.

If only the concept and its components were that simple! Branch transformation covers a wide range of activity, involving design and technology, strategy and implementation, optimization and innovation. Ultimately, branch transformation is how financial institutions (FIs) are meeting their consumers’ dynamic needs for convenience and connectivity—and how banks are improving efficiency so they can realize cost-cutting benefits and maximize their return on branch investments.

We know the branch is part of something larger. Therefore, branch transformation is an ongoing process of elevating the FI from all perspectives. But what exactly does the branch transformation journey look like for FIs? How do banks set priorities for transformation and start this process?

We took a deep dive into branch transformation in our new program guide that shares how branch transformation can allow FIs to engage with consumers across connected touchpoints.


Branch transformation begins at various entry points for FIs depending on their market, strategy, customer base and business model. Diebold Nixdorf can be a collaborative, end-to-end partner on the branch transformation journey. We offer solutions for self-service, digital and physical connectivity, and personalization/marketing—along with branch transformation bundles. Let’s talk.


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