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Blog: ATM Out of Service? DN Mobile can help.

October 16, 2017  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Maybe your ATM can’t dispense cash, but your mobile phone can tell you where to go!

ATM Out of Service. The glaring message on a blue screen at an ATM terminal is frustrating for consumers. The cause doesn’t matter to the person standing there, card in hand, expecting to perform a transaction. Maybe the ATM is empty and fulfillment isn’t scheduled until tomorrow. Perhaps the receipt paper is out. There could be a technical problem with the ATM terminal. Whatever the reason, now the customer needs a Plan B.

Where’s the closest ATM?

If your mobile app could supply that answer, and map the route, wouldn’t that make the whole “out of service” disappointment feel like less of an inconvenience? This is possible with our new, advanced software solution, DN Mobile, which empowers consumers to get information on the next closest ATM right at their fingertips.

A mobile application that knows where you are and can provide information on where you need to go in seconds provides a modern way to turn a negative situation into a positive customer experience.

  • Give them assistance. Rather than “out of service” being a dead end, it’s the beginning of a solution. The ATM will direct consumers to their mobile application or provide quick instructions to download the app so consumers leave with an answer. They didn’t get cash, but the solution offers them an unexpectedly improved customer experience.
  • Show them the way. Consumers locate other ATMs in the vicinity by their location and determined value filters and then immediately see or receive directions to the chosen location.
  • Elevate your brand. Frustration is not exactly a brand-builder. But ATMs do need service occasionally, so your organization should have the right tools to help customers in spite of technical difficulties. DN Mobile, powered by Kony provides a differentiating experience, with possibilities for other use cases and more capabilities down the road.

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