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Blog: ATM Management Can Be as Intelligent as the Rest of Your Business

July 28, 2016  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Financial institutions, by the very nature of their business, generate data. A lot of data. That’s why the industry has long embraced the practice of business intelligence as a means to better analyze data and make it more actionable by transforming it into insights that inform business decisions.

Business intelligence may already be helping you segment customers, manage risk, drive growth strategies, improve operational efficiencies and much more. And a similar approach can also be applied to the management of self-service assets.

It’s not unusual for a single self-service fleet to consist of new and legacy technology, multi-vendor terminals, a variety of software platforms and hundreds of different peripherals. Nearly 80 percent of financial institutions say they still track all of these assets manually, rely on their hardware vendors for information or simply don’t have a good picture of their ATM inventory. But with today’s technology, you can make the management of even a multi-vendor fleet as intelligent as the rest of your business.

Diebold’s COMMANDER™ Asset Manager automates and centralizes reporting of self-service inventory. The technology puts a comprehensive, 360-degree view of terminal configuration and capabilities right at your fingertips, providing near real-time reporting about software, hardware and peripherals. Instead of relying on site visits for the most up-to-date information about a self-service network, COMMANDER provides critical intelligence that can enable better fleet investment decisions, more thorough audits of field engineer’s reports, confirmation of compliance requirements and optimal management of maintenance and upgrades.

Diebold can help you drive intelligence into reporting of self-service inventory. Watch this video introduction to learn more about COMMANDER Asset Manager. Then, let’s talk about how COMMANDER can increase efficiencies, reduce costs and optimize maintenance of your self-service fleet assets.

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