Blog: A Year in Review: 2020 Top 10 Topics in Banking

December 17, 2020  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

It goes without saying what an unprecedented year this was in banking and in life. At Diebold Nixdorf, the one thing we’ve hung onto through it all is a commitment to progress. We’ve seen our customers adapt, transform and find ways to thrive by putting a focus on digitization and recreating the consumer experience to fit with the “new normal.” And they’ve done this while creating internal efficiencies that will benefit their operations long term.

To round out the year, we’ve compiled a list of popular and useful content to help you on your path to achieve your goals today – and beyond.

Diebold Nixdorf’s Top 10 Banking Insights of 2020
1. 53 years of financial technology innovation and counting
The ATM turned 53 years old this year. It was the first major invention that shaped modern banking. The self-service channel has gone through a constant evolution since – and that legacy continues as financial institutions find new ways to adapt to changing consumer preferences through this important touchpoint with customers. Learn more about self-service banking then, now, and into the future.

2. Payment Choice, Cash Durability and Consumer Dynamics During the Pandemic
Through closings, re-openings and the gray areas in between, commerce has gone on. How have payment preferences been impacted? Find out in this research-driven article that investigates how cash cycles have ebbed and flowed throughout the pandemic – and expectations of what’s to come.

3. What Does Self-Service Look like in the “New Normal?”
The pandemic has had a major impact on the way people pay and bank. Financial institutions have needed to react quickly to offer banking services across their network of touchpoints, engage appropriately with clients and staff, and at the same time keep operating in an efficient manner. Get insights into the long-term effect of banking digitation and the necessary evolutions of the self-service channel.

4. Mindshare Series: Industry Thought Leaders Share Their Perspectives on Emerging FinTech Trends
A new spin on point and counterpoint, Diebold Nixdorf brought together industry experts to weigh in on trending topics in financial technologies. Read these dynamic takes from banking executives and industry experts on outsourcing, consumer-experience journeys, open banking and more. 

5. SMB is BIG business
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make up more than 90% of all companies worldwide and more than half of all employees. For the financial industry, this means that banks generally make 20% of their revenue with SMBs. Hear from Lars Schneider, Head of Technical Services at Sparkasse Bielefeld, how his organization is proactively addressing the needs of SMB customers.

6. How an Unexpected Accelerator is Driving Real-World Change in the Banking Industry
Financial institutions have the power to transform communities in a positive way through responsible and sustainable strategies. That potential was the driving force behind the creation of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking, a framework of six principles designed to help banks align their business strategy with society’s goals. Read more about this initiative and how banks around the world are contributing.

7. On-Demand Webinar: How to Prepare Your FI for a Post-Pandemic Marketplace
Diebold Nixdorf launched a webinar series this year to help financial institutions adapt to the major shifts caused by the global pandemic. Topics include: What’s next for Financial Institutions During the COVID-19 Crisis; How to Prepare for a Post-Pandemic Marketplace; and How COVID-19 Will Change Self-Service. View all these informative webinars on demand.

8. ATM ROI: Turning Challenge into Opportunity
Financial institutions often struggle to balance the time it takes to maintain an ATM fleet with the rewards it can offer. However, with the right strategy and operating model, the self-service channel can not only become a profitable asset, it can become one of the most strategic tools in a modern banking environment. See how to achieve the greatest ROI from your self-service channel. 

9. Self-Service: The Intersection of Digital Experience and Physical Fulfillment
On average, we humans spend 10% of our daily lives touching our mobile phones. That equates to 2,600 times during a single day. Financial institutions have an opportunity to provide online and mobile experiences with a personal touch, providing consistency for the brand and elevated experiences for consumers. Read how banks can bolster contactless transactions and provide personalized communications through digital transformation.

10. Supporting Your Fleet in the New World
Nowadays, running a profitable business means striving for peak efficiency and reducing expenses. For financial institutions, that might mean looking at ATM outsourcing models that enable staff to focus on the core business. The channel is changing – learn more about maintaining an optimal efficiency ratio in the new reality. 

Look to us for more resources and information to help you continue on your path to progress in 2021.

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