At Diebold Nixdorf, it is our responsibility to efficiently manage resources, including water and energy, worldwide and to mitigate environmental risks. We do this by combining economic principles with ecological action. We contribute to robust environmental stewardship and sustainable value creation for stakeholders. We strive to go beyond legally required minimum standards of various national, regional, and industry-specific laws, regulations, and policies.

As a growing company, we are committed to evolving our sustainable business practices, product offerings, and recycling efforts in a way that enables us to continue to make a positive contribution to the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Management Approach

Management Approach to Environmental Topics

Our Global Sustainability Policy and the Global Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS Policy) informs our company-wide environmental program. The program covers carbon emissions, water consumption, energy usage, recycling efforts, supply chain management, and sustainable products and solutions.

Together, our programs and policies allow us as an organization to create value in a sustainable way for our stakeholders and have positive impact on the communities and environment we operate in.

Environmental Impact


Our collective environmental policies and programs are designed to further the UN Sustainable Development Goals surrounding responsible consumption and production, life below water, and life on land. KPIs that track our progress on these and other planet-based goals are reported by the Global Sustainability Council to our Executive Leadership Team.

Climate Action

Carbon Footprint

Understanding and managing our carbon footprint is core to Diebold Nixdorf’s sustainable business operations and value creation. Our climate solutions approach makes our operations more resilient and helps us maintain our competitiveness in the transition to a low carbon economy while at the same time having a positive impact on the communities and environment in which we operate.

Sustainable Products

Green Products and Solutions

Product lifecycle management is how we manage our products from the start of production to when our clients are done using them. Our commitment to sustainable products is what sets us apart from the competition. We link responsible product lifecycle management with growth in customer demand as well as lower reputational and regulatory risks.

Sustainable Field Service Operations

Sustainable Supply Chain

We are committed to building relationships and collaborating with consumers, suppliers, employees, institutions and environmental organizations in order to ensure the compliance of our sustainability strategy. Environmentally sustainable materials are a top focus when it comes to our supply chain. These materials have a positive impact on our operational efficiency and benefit our customers.


Materials, Chemicals and Waste

During the production process and servicing of our customers, we make use of various raw materials and chemicals. We view responsibly handling chemicals and waste as part of our proactive approach to environmental stewardship that not only benefits our stakeholders but also the communities and environment where we operate.

Water Management

Water Management

We use water during our manufacturing process, R&D process, and in our offices. As water scarcity can present a critical risk to production and surrounding communities, we strive to improve our water use efficiency. We believe that sound water stewardship makes our operations more resilient while reducing impacts on the communities in which we operate.

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