Corporate Responsibility

Diebold Nixdorf Global Responsibility

Wherever we operate around the world, our employees are committed to doing the right thing. We recognize that as a global company, we have an obligation to act sustainably, with transparency, and to do business in a responsible way. Our sustainability program is comprised of three pillars, each of which forms a vital component of our global operational structure and culture. 




Sustainable Supply Chain & Operations

We continually assess our operations, processes and global supply chain to determine the environmental impact and implement improvements, from greenhouse gas (GHG) emission controls to product lifecycle assessments (LCAs).


Environment, Health & Safety

EHS responsibility is a team effort, delivered collectively through the management activities of our workforce around the globe. We focus particularly on energy efficiency, employee health and safety, and an increased awareness on responsible resource consumption.


Global Citizenship

We take social responsibility in the local communities in which we operate very seriously. Each year, our employees in more than 130 countries give back to their communities and support countless nonprofit organizations.

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