Global Managed Self-Service Solutions

DN AllConnect ServicesSM for Optimized Availability of your Self-Service Solutions

Achieve up to 99.8% availability of your self-service solution with DN AllConnect Services for Retail. With our data-driven approach, potential problems are predicted and preventatively fixed. Real incidents can be proactively detected and fixed remotely. In case technicians need to be onsite, better analysis helps an efficient and smart onsite fix.

Simplified Operations through Automated Real-Time Services

Diebold Nixdorf's key focus is to deliver ultimate availability and guarantee efficient operations for your self-checkout kiosks.

Our automated and integrated processes and tools:

  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for data-driven retail service management
  • Optimize TCO through proactive, remote and preventative services. Reduce help desk calls by up to 80%, first contact resolution rate up to 70%, reduce downtime from next business day to 30 minutes and improve first-time fixes up to 99%
  • Facilitating a sustainable handling of resources

Managed Self-Service for Seamless Shopping Journeys and Staff Efficiency

Leveraging proactive and AI-based predictive service capabilities, our team acts as a single point of contact for your global operations and ensures the highest self-checkout kiosk availability at the lowest TCO.


Managed Key Retail Processes

In the highly competitive landscape, providing seamless shopping journeys is critical. Trying to meet the individual expectations of each customer, while empowering your store staff with the right technology, can be challenging. To succeed, you must offer best-in-store customer experiences.

Managed Store Services

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Managed Self-Service

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Managed Mobility Services

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Managed Checkout Services

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Our Standardized and Scalable Services for Efficient Retail Management

For every critical retail process, we offer standard and scalable services to ensure customer satisfaction, store staff efficiency and optimized operations.


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