Global Managed Mobility Service Solutions

DN AllConnect ServicesSM for Optimized Availability of your Mobile Devices

Mobile journeys become increasingly mission critical for retailers, their store employees and their consumers. 
It is important to create trust and confidence in using mobile technologies by delivering a seamless experience - the journey simply has to be ‘always-on’. Availability is key for customers and store staff.

Mobile devices have special challenges: regular firmware updates, battery load, handling of huge number of multivendor devices with different applications and they can easily get lost in the stores . Our key mission is to turn a reactive  service model into a proactive and preventive service model with our Managed Mobility Services℠ .

Diebold Nixdorf will manage all the mobile journeys for customers and staff for any provider or mobile devices you have in-store.

Master the Complex Mobility Ecosystem

There are so many staff journeys happening simultaneously in-store. Diebold Nixdorf manages your entire multivendor IT ecosystem and deliver the highest availability at the lowest TCO.


Empower Your Store Staff

Whenever a non-complex IT incident happens, the DN Live App guides your store staff through a quick resolution for great customer satisfaction.


Managed Key Retail Processes

In the highly competitive landscape, providing seamless shopping journeys is critical. Trying to meet the individual expectations of each customer, while empowering your store staff with the right technology, can be challenging. To succeed, you must offer best-in-store customer experiences.

Managed Store Services

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Managed Self-Service

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Managed Mobility Services

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Managed Checkout Services

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Our Standardized and Scalable Services for Efficient Retail Management

For every critical retail process, we offer standard and scalable services to ensure customer satisfaction, store staff efficiency and optimized operations.


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