Actionable Insights with Vynamic® Advanced Analytics

It is hard for retailers to succeed in today's highly competitive environment because of the numerous challenges they face. A lack of actionable insights for effective decision-making, limited visibility into real-time data and performance, the need to consolidate and analyze data from multiple sources and manual processes for data analysis can all be hindrances. Retailers can overcome these challenges with real-time insights from Vynamic Advanced Analytics, a cloud-native analytics and visualization platform.

Vynamic® Advanced Analytics

Unlocking Visibility and Insight Into Your Retail Data

Consolidate Data Sources

Consolidate Data into a Unified Location

You don't have to deal with multiple data sources anymore. Data is often distributed across a variety of systems and platforms - Vynamic Advanced Analytics makes it simple to bring everything together in one convenient place. Merge data from hundreds of sources to eliminate silos and gain a holistic view of your business, enabling you to take data-driven actions and gain new insights.

Streamline Daily Operations

Streamline Daily Operations through Customized UI

Vynamic Advanced Analytics’ user-friendly interface allows users in any role in your business to obtain essential data quickly and easily. Whether you're a store manager evaluating inventory levels, a marketing executive measuring the success of a campaign, or a CFO analyzing financial performance, Vynamic Advanced Analytics allows your organization to analyze and understand insights at any level.

Transform Data

Transform Data into Tangible Results

The key to success isn't limited to simplifying access to data, but also transforming that data into tangible results. Uncover insights that help you drive growth and make more informed decisions. With Vynamic Advanced Analytics, you can turn your data into action by identifying trends, predicting customer behavior, optimizing inventory levels, and increasing revenue.

Data-driven Decisions with Vynamic Advanced Analytics

DN's cloud-based, Vynamic Advanced Analytics platform, provides access to critical business data and analytics, empowering retailers to make informed decisions on-the-fly. By integrating additional data sources, such as weather and seasonal information, retailers gain insight into customer behavior, sales trends, and other key business metrics to optimize operations and drive growth.

Features & Benefits of Vynamic® Advanced Analytics

Vynamic® Advanced Analytics benefits


• Data informed decisions to increase sales and revenue.

• Immediately react to changes in your data with alerting and automation.

• Built for mobility, easily create, and explore analytics on any device.

• Provide accurate information to the correct user at the right time.

• Premium cloud solution providing world-class analytics as a fully managed software-as-a-service.

Vynamic® Advanced Analytics Features

Key Features

• Interactive real-time insights visualizations & dashboards

• Intuitive self-service analytics - people at all skill levels can explore the data

• Data governance and role-specific views

• Reporting and collaboration

• AI-generated insights suggestions

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