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Case Study: Self-Checkout Solutions Offer Huge Benefit to Eataly Customers Thanks to Faster and More Flexible Checkout

April 13, 2023  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Thanks to the openness and modularity of the DN SeriesTM EASY eXpress hardware, integrating the self-checkout solutions into Eataly's proprietary software was very easy. The improvement to the customer experience was immediately noticed by reduction of queue lines and abandoned baskets and an increase in sales.
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We introduced Self-Checkout technology because we had a goal to reduce queues at the checkout. Thanks to the introduction of this new technology, we have finally achieved this goal. Integrating self-checkouts into our architecture was very easy.

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Eataly Makes Self-Service Easy with Diebold Nixdorf Retail Solutions

Slow down for the things that are worth the wait— but check out quickly! When opening a new store in Verona, Eataly's main goal was to reduce checkout queues. In partnership with Retex Group, DN self-service solutions were integrated— achieving that goal and bringing added value to their customers.


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