Self-Service Retail Study
A New Report from Ask

Self-service POS and checkout technology is expanding far beyond its traditional roots in the grocery store and at the pump. Today, retail self-service can mean kiosk ordering, mobile integration, self-scanning and so much more. In this new report, takes the pulse of the self-service movement.



McDonald’s is installing 1,000 self-service kiosks per quarter across the U.S. 





71% of consumers say they’ve used self-checkout in a supermarket setting, while 33% have tried it in a non-grocery setting.




Of consumers who use their mobile phone as part of the purchasing journey in-store, 70% say they do it because it’s easy to use, and 90% say it’s faster than traditional checkout.


Self-checkout is becoming more mainstream, and a majority of shoppers appreciate the self-service option. Download this report to learn more about how to prepare your retail network for the future of payments and transactions. 


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