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Blog: Meaningful Consumer Journeys Can Be Delivered Through Product Experience

May 30, 2022  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Most financial institutions (FIs) aim to build a flawless customer journey to ensure a positive customer experience. Research results from ATM Marketplace’s Examining Future ATM Trends in 2022 found that ATMs will increase functionality with the ability to accelerate transaction automation.  With customers expecting more every day, FIs need to ensure their current platform offering provides the meaningful customer experience modern consumers expect; this is where product experience (PX) becomes critical.

What is PX, exactly?

PX covers the end-to-end customer journey that takes place during your customers’ experiences with your goods and services. It starts when they approach an ATM or access an app, for example, and it ends when they leave it. Customer-centric, designed to fulfill the customer’s needs product experience (PX) is at the heart of Diebold Nixdorf's comprehensive CX program, and within the quickly evolving fintech industry, its significance has grown rapidly. 

Areas of PX to Explore

Emerging trends in banking require FIs to integrate PX into their customer journey strategy:

  • Rethink the roles of branch, phone and digital interactions
  • Reimagine and update customer journeys and segments
  • Seek opportunities to personalize products, interactions, and experiences for customers
  • Finally, focus on driving action and experience improvement

  • As the industry's foremost leader in ATM technology, Diebold Nixdorf continuously looks for product experiences that meet our customers’ needs.  

    More Possibilities with Vynamic® Connection Points 

    In the era of the smartphone, mobile banking, new payment and transaction methods are on the rise. Still, consumers continue to rely on ATMs for cash, account access and more advanced functions. Over the years, ATMs have evolved, bringing new technologies to life, but they remain a known, trusted financial touchpoint. With the new, more capable self-service terminals, it is important that they remain user-friendly — to help bankers implement real omnichannel connections, unlock the full potential of the branch transformation strategy, and provide the best experience to the consumer.

    Better Journeys with Vynamic® Engagement

    Now that we have consumers' undivided attention thanks to the delightful customer journey, each transaction becomes a potential engagement opportunity — attracting non-customers, boosting up sell/cross-sell, rewarding loyalty, and much more. Vynamic Engagement can help augment the product experience, bringing marketing messages seamlessly across channels and at the same time allowing financial institutions to stay in control of the campaigns and experiences delivered.
    Technologiebasierte Filialmodelle werden zunehmend bevorzugt: 62 % der Konsumenten erwarten von ihrem Finanzinstitut nach wie vor eine Bankfiliale vor Ort. SB-Filialen rangieren mit knapp 60 % auf Platz 2.

    Find a Partner Who Can Help You Meet Your PX Goals

    At Diebold Nixdorf, we develop PX-focused software that provides value to our customers and their consumers. 

    From streamlining interfaces and integrations to enabling self-service devices to automating ATM management, the Diebold Nixdorf software lineup is built to delight customers and encourage them to keep coming back. If you want to scale your banking footprint, Diebold Nixdorf  Vynamic® Software is ready to help in your PX journey. Get started today. 

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