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Security approaches to meet today’s demands are not black and white anymore. Institutions must take aggressive measures to prevent any form of attack and maintain consumer trust. However, according to a recent study conducted by ATM Marketplace, many FIs lack full confidence in their current ATM software security.

Vynamic Security
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Protect Your Data, Assets and People

We’re at the front lines of crime, ensuring self-service fleets are protected by our world-leading security innovations. Because in our modern world, it’s not just cash fraudsters want. It’s also the data. Whatever the threat, we’ve got a solution to help you stop it in its tracks.


Vynamic™ Security provides a tightly integrated, multi-layered approach to protect self-service terminals, POS devices, operating systems, and customer data against historical and newly evolving attack methods. This model ensures that if one security layer could be overcome, others will take over to shield and secure an organization’s critical assets.

Vynamic™ Security Intrusion Protection

Deliver protection against known and unknown (zero-day) attacks, combatting the very real and serious problem of emerging cybercrimes


Vynamic™ Security Access Protection

Safeguard self-service systems and control user actions


Vynamic™ Security Hard Disk Encryption

Secure sensitive consumer data



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