Vynamic Branch Transformation

Back-End Integration. Front-Loaded Customer Satisfaction.

Empower new in-branch and self-service transactions directly through the core, while providing a more modern, unified experience across all channels


of Global Banking

"Executives believe that by 2020, retail banking will be at least 80% automated with branches acting as information and engagement hubs."

Whose Customer are you the Reality of Digital Banking the Economist Intelligence Unit Limited, 2018

Differentiate Your Brand with Unexpected Capabilities

Behind every simple request...there's a complex ecosystem of procedures and technology. Vynamic Branch Transformation lets you choreograph how your branches flow and your consumers' bank -connecting the dots seamlessly, intuitively and without a major IT requirement.  

Transaction Automation

Bring true teller capabilities to the ATM. When the terminal detects an on-us consumer, it processes the transaction directly to the core backend system; while providing additional services to those consumers


Claims Assist

Obtain instant insight into your consumer ATM transactions for faster, more accurate claim resolution.


Interactive Video Teller

A real person at the touch of a button enriches the self-service experience while optimizing staff and extending service hours


Teller Platform

Meet the next evolution of the teller interface. A web-based application that allows your staff to conduct complex transactions on any device.



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