Blog: It's Here: The Next Frontier in Services Support

March 15, 2021  |  DOMINIC HASLER

In my last blog I used the analogy of car servicing to explain how DN AllConnect℠ Data Engine powers truly predictive maintenance for an ATM fleet in order to pre-empt impending failures and future outages.

In this new blog, I’d like to focus on another maintenance-related topic: how DN AllConnect Data Engine can support financial institutions (FIs) when an out-of-service event can’t be foreseen, and resolution needs to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Imagine you have an issue with your IoT car. It’s been making a funny noise whenever you drive it at a high speed. This has been going on for the past three days and it’s getting worse. You’re worried, so you enter a service request into your car’s service provider portal. Five minutes later you receive a call from them:

- “Hi Amber! This is Jenny from your car’s service provider. How are you today?”
- “Oh Jenny, nice to hear from you. I guess I am a bit worried and relieved to hear the sound of your voice.”
- “Indeed. I read your service request and got a recommendation from our data-driven intelligence platform. It looks like we need to replace a couple of parts in your engine. Luckily all parts are in stock. I also see that you drove 30,000 km since your last change of brake pads, so you’re due for new ones. We have some in stock too. We will need your car for about two and a half hours. When can you bring it tomorrow? Is 8 a.m. any good?”
- “Yes, 8 a.m. tomorrow is perfect.”
- “Great, your car is now booked with Scott. You’ll receive an email to confirm the appointment. Have a nice day, Amber!”
- “Likewise, and thank you so much Jenny.”

What do you think of this story? Have you ever come across such an efficient car service provider, able to diagnose your car remotely without having seen it, avoiding you the hassle of taking your car in, waiting for them to check it and then asking you to bring your car another day to have it fixed?

That’s the level of efficiency customers receive from Diebold Nixdorf.  If one of your ATMs fails unexpectedly, we don’t need to send a technician just to check what failed. Our Maintenance and Availability Services are powered by the data-driven intelligence of DN AllConnect Data Engine. 

DN AllConnect Data Engine (ACDE) produces actionable service insights from a unique combination of decades of unmatched engineering experience and a global knowledge base, which have been embedded into the solution, as well as the application of always-on connectivity.

Detailed, technical data is continuously aggregated from your ATM and more than 60,000 other connected devices across a broad range of use cases and geographies. Data is analyzed within our cloud computing platform using machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This enables us to build a precise, constantly refined understanding of every single connected device and to generate personalized, actionable insights according to how each terminal is performing.

When an incident is reported, ACDE leverages its unique knowledge of the failing device, evaluates the latest deep data collected, diagnoses the issue and identifies the precise root cause. It then provides information about the precise fix, the required skill level, the spare parts needed and the time the repair should take. It’s what we call the “right tech - right part - right time - right fix” approach.      

And even better. When a service call is scheduled, the ticket is enriched with additional suggested maintenance activities based on actual rather than assumed usage, ensuring that the technician can attend to wear-and-tear issues during a single visit. 

When a technician reaches one of your sites, they already know precisely what they have to do and have all parts and equipment they need, which helps minimize the time they spend repairing the device and guarantees a first-time fix.   

What’s in it for you? FIs whose ATM fleets are connected with DN AllConnect Data Engine are benefiting from higher availability, because incidents are fixed faster and better, and we add bespoke wear-and-tear maintenance to every service call. Higher uptime means increased ATM availability and a better consumer experience, which translate to higher customer retention and satisfaction and (not to be underestimated) additional customer acquisition as your ATMs are a key brand ambassador and a great marketing channel for demand generation. 

We see an average 20% call reduction among FIs whose fleets are connected to DN AllConnect Data Engine. Call rate reductions mean savings and increased efficiencies; This means there would be 20% less service requests that needed raising and managing by the FI’s staff, leading to fewer interruptions, enabling them to focus on their job, concentrate on their customers’ needs and strengthen their relationship with them. Call rate reductions also reduce the workload of the internal teams and third-party service providers, who are involved in the incident management and resolution process, allowing for the redeployment of saved resources into more strategic and growth generating activities. 

Choosing the best way to maintain your ATM fleet is really key to driving growth in a cost-efficient way. Isn’t it time to see just what your fleet is capable of? Contact us today to get started.