Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

It is more important than ever that we emphasize honesty, civility and respect for each other. It is also time that our voice, as a leader in our sector, be added to the conversation to ensure that everyone understands unequivocally what we value. Regardless of our country of origin, race, gender or orientation we are all one community. DN and its employees actively promote diversity, equality and inclusion. The DN CARE team works cross-functionally through employees around the globe to define and deliver clearly stated, measurable goals and implement them into our operating plan. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) offer our employees voluntary, self-sustaining employee-led groups based on shared characteristics, social identities or life experiences. The LGBTQ+ ERG, for example, exists to further the mission and values of the DN CARE Council, represent the interests of LGBTQ+ employees, and support our overall Diversity and Inclusion goals. An inclusive, accepting workplace that allows all people to be their best selves and flourish in their careers truly adds value to our business and our society.

Diebold Nixdorf is committed to operating with integrity and inclusion, and to treating all people equitably. One of our great strengths as a company is our global diversity, and we are stronger and better because of our different cultures, traditions and experiences.
CARE stands for Considerate, Aware, Responsible and Empathetic – four behaviors that we want every employee to consciously think about as we define what diversity, equity and inclusion means at DN. We must ensure that all employees feel valued and protected within the workplace, know how they can contribute and are equitably recognized for their work.

DN Makes Newsweek’s List of America’s Most Responsible Companies

The results are in—across more than a dozen industries and thousands of organizations, Newsweek and Statista have named DN one of the nation’s most responsible companies for 2021.



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Corporate Responsibility

Our sustainability program is comprised of three pillars, each of which forms a vital component of our global operational structure and culture.


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