Managed Services

We deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions for branch infrastructures that enable financial institutions (FIs) and retailers to focus on their core business. Our approach supports FIs and retailers as they transform their business into omnichannel consumer-interaction models. Leveraging a market-leading global footprint enables us to continue developing higher value services that support our customers’ strategies.

Self-Service Fleet Management

The mark of success in today’s financial industry is the ability to manage change. Our in-region experts provide day-to-day management of your self-service fleet through individual services and architected solutions that integrate products, software, professional services and managed services into an interdependent solution. With Self-Service Fleet Management, we partner with your organization to operate self-service and back-office-banking IT environments, and ensure high system availability, expand transaction functionality and improve customer experience.


Branch Lifecycle Management

Extend our self-service fleet management solutions to your branch network. A focus on consumers beyond the self-service channel enables a new level of consumer intimacy. In a more cost-efficient branch environment, your employees can spend more time focusing on growing relationships. We provide day-to-day operational IT activities throughout the entire lifecycle of your branches.


Transformational Outsourcing

We offer Transformational Outsourcing with a focus on decentralized infrastructure, an approach that “right-sizes” IT landscapes and standardizes processes. Our IT infrastructure solution suite helps organizations implement transparent service management procedures and drives more efficient operation of their decentralized IT infrastructures. IT application solutions assume responsibility for all change processes and support the technology throughout the software’s lifecycle. We act as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to support your business process in branches and in stores, from self-service to a range of IT devices, and assume responsibility for the end-to-end transformation of the location.

Consulting Services

Based on our international experience in the financial and retail industries, our solutions fall into several areas of transformation and delivery channel optimization, including analysis for branch and self-service banking process optimization. We provide current-state-to-future-state strategies that enable organizations to achieve their full potential in a rapidly changing marketplace. Our Consulting Services include analysis of products, software, services, locations and transaction convergence.


While we work to harmonize our service offerings and optimize the portfolio to meet local customer requirements, you can continue to explore our existing service offerings. 

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