Maintenance Services

High terminal availability performance is key to financial institutions as well as retailers, since it directly impacts their revenues and customer satisfaction. Our global reach, skills, tools, infrastructure and standardized processes keep your assets, equipment and software systems running and up to date, regardless of manufacturer. Our key objective is to continuously improve your products’ availability and performance.

Recovery Services

Recovery Services focus on maintenance of banking and retail systems and components, proactive monitoring and rapid resolution of occurring incidents — based on agreed service levels — through an on-site visit or remote diagnosis and repair. Our collaborative First Line Maintenance, Second Line Maintenance and Technical Engineering solutions (enhanced with Preventive Maintenance) are based on a standardized Incident Management process and delivered by our global delivery teams, allowing for rapid, high-quality service delivery.

Supportive Services

Supportive Services provide “self-maintainer” banking and retail customers as well as our service partners with a vast range of support offerings (training, tools, spare parts) to simplify and optimize their own activities with regard to maintenance and operations of their systems and component environments.

Physical Security Services

We are a world leader in providing security products and service solutions to financial institutions and retail customers, through the historic Diebold Safe and Lock Company spanning more than 150 years. We offer service and protection of customers' assets with pneumatic tubes (VAT), safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes and locksmithing services. Our certified and experienced team preserves your investment through preventative, on-call and emergency service solutions.


While we work to harmonize our service offerings and optimize the portfolio to meet local customer requirements, you can continue to explore our existing service offerings. 

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