Diebold Nixdorf Vindicates Its Intellectual Property

Company Obtains Ruling Against Nautilus Hyosung For Infringing Key ATM Technology

If you’re confused about the initial ruling on the Diebold v. Hyosung ATM patent infringement case, here are answers to some commonly asked questions.  


Some key facts to remember:

  • Diebold Nixdorf obtained a court ruling recommending an exclusion order that would, if adopted by the full ITC, bar the vast majority of their deposit automation-enabled ATMs and at least one cash dispensing machine from being imported into the United States.
  • The only way Nautilus Hyosung can avoid infringing the magnetic ink patent is to rely on optical reading functionality that decreases check reading accuracy and substantially increases the risk of fraud.
  • The recommendation will now be considered by the full International Trade Commission, with a final determination anticipated by the end of May 2017.
  • Our company has built a strong patent portfolio, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development, and has been granted numerous patents to protect that investment. 
  • We are committed to protecting our interests in U.S. industry, as well as enforcing our intellectual property rights throughout our portfolio of solutions. 
  • Following the conclusion of the ITC proceedings, Diebold Nixdorf expects to seek significant damages in a jury trial in U.S. federal court for Hyosung's infringement.
  • US Senator Sherrod Brown and US Congressman Jim Renacci both sent letters to the chairman of the International Trade Commission urging them to enforce the ruling by an ITC judge last year, that Nautilus Hyosung has violated US law and to protect Diebold Nixdorf from Nautilus Hyosung’s infringing activity.

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