The BA9x (BA92, BA93 and BA93W) is the new touch-screen generation.

Equipped with a sleek, modern, bezel-free design and robust aluminum housing, the BA9x features both resistive touch (BA92 and BA93) and projected capacitive touch technology (BA92, BA93 and BA93W) supporting multi-touch (10 points). A non-touch display version is also available for BA92 and BA93, allowing the screens to be used either for operator or customer display.

The BA9x family features the unique PanelLink2™ interface. This allows the displays to operate using a single cable solution. In addition, the display can also be used with standard PoweredUSB, DVI and VGA cables common to the POS environment.

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  • Bezel-free design. Allows easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • One cable connection through PanelLink2™ (or DC/USB, VGA and DVI interfaces for standard POS connection)
  • Projected capacitive (BA92, BA93 and BA93W) or resistive touch (BA92 and BA93)
  • Multi-touch (10 points supported) with pc-Touch (depending on the operating system)
  • Easy-to-add modules (MSR, iButton, RFID/NFC)
  • Low power consumption, EnergyStar compliant
  • Ambient light sensor and presence sensor to save power
  • Protective glass with anti-glare
The availability of the Systems and certain features/functions displayed may vary by geography and are subject to change.

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