The BA91 combines robust aluminum housing, an antiglare surface and a small footprint, making it suitable for all retail environments.

The BA91 features the unique Diebold Nixdorf PanelLink2TM interface. In addition, the display can be used with the standard Powered USB, DVI and VGA cables common to the POS environment. Data transfer is done by a USB A-B cable.

The screen can be used with ePOS terminals or as interactive kiosk/touchpoint. The screen can run on Diebold Nixdorf BEETLETM systems, other vendors’ POS systems and even conventional PCs.

Additional Information

BA 91

Features & Benefits


  • Operator display (PC-touch version)
  • Customer display (mainly as non-touch version)
  • Designed to work with DN BEETLE Systems, other vendors’ POS systems and even conventional PCs
  • Interactive kiosk/touchpoint
  • Information/service-terminal


Tailored services enable efficient deployment of solutions and the highest possible system availability and security based on the DN AllConnect ServicesSM for Retail platform:

  • Global Deployment and Implementation Services: installation and integration into existing environments
  • Maintenance Services: fast recovery and security services
  • Managed Services: Store Lifecycle Management, Transformational Outsourcing and Consulting Services


  • The BA91 not only offers an environmentally friendly design, it also cuts operating costs and optimizes the total cost of ownership.
  • It uses a power-saving design
  • The overall power consumption can be reduced by powering peripheral devices directly from the system
  • It can utilize the power-saving functions of the operating system


Screen size

  • 10.4" (26.42cm)



  • 1.10kg (2.43 lbs) w/o base
  • 1.75kg (3.86 lbs) with base



  • 1024 x 768


Number of colors

  • up to 16.7 million


Brightness (cd/m²)

  • pc-Touch: 260
  • non-Touch: 270



  • 1,000:1


Viewing angle

  • Right/left: +/- 70°
  • Top/bottom: +/- 70°



  • 4:3

Dimensions (W x H x D in mm)

  • 254.1mm X 206.7mm x 33.5mm



  • External PanelLink2™, DVI-I
  • USB-B (only for PC-Touch version)
  • Power-jack 12V


Mounting options

  • Stand, Pole-mount adapter, VESA 75



  • PC-Touch
  • Non-Touch


Power consumption

  • Max.: 7.5W
  • Typ. /Factory Settings: 6.0W
  • Standby /Soft off: <=0.5W / <=0.5W


Operating temperature

  • 5-40°C (41 to 104°F)


Storage temperature

  • -20 to +60°C (-4 to 140°F)

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