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Blog: How the cloud can aid grocery retailers with omnichannel store fulfillment

Optimize your inventory levels, improve your omnichannel presence and manage connected journeys and efficient operations with one platform. With open APIs that can be customized to your needs, and modular microservices for scalability and flexibility, Vynamic GRx provides grocery retailers with an optimized solution to adapt to customers’ ever-changing needs.

Video: Vynamic® GRx: Smarter Checkout for Grocery Retailers
Video: Vynamic® GRx: Smarter Checkout for Grocery Retailers

Learn how Vynamic GRx as part of Vynamic Retail Platform, offers the most flexible checkout software available for Grocery. Built from scratch to reap the true benefits of the cloud, and based on decades of international grocery experience, we can support today’s and tomorrow’s grocery journeys in the best possible way.

Video: Vynamic Retail Platform|Cloud Software Platform for Retail
Video: Vynamic Retail Platform|Cloud Software Platform for Retail

Vynamic Retail Platform offers connected, flexible, and efficient shopping experiences for retailers and customers. Based on an API first design and a set of modular microservices, you’ll have the flexibility you need to grow your business

Blog: Understanding Your Consumers' Personas Will Drive Better Mobile Retail Journeys

Offering consumers what they want is a critical challenge retailers face every single day — whether that's in terms of pure product selection down aisles and on shelves, or the technology available in-store or online to make a purchase.

Case Study: Advancing the Self-Service Journey with Customer-Centric Check-Out Technology

Learn how tegut partnered with Diebold Nixdorf during a recent expansion phase to create a strategic, comprehensive approach to modern checkout.

Blog: Contactless and frictionless shopping experience for a more safety-aware world

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted retail to a point of no return. It has brought forward digital transformation and changed the way consumers want to shop.

Mindshare: Get to Know Your Shopper Types and Offer the Right Journey

Retailers are at a critical inflection point: evolve consumer and staff journeys—including store infrastructure—or risk being outperformed by more agile retailers. We encourage retailers to assess their IT and business teams to find ways to improve the customer experience and staff journeys with mobile technology. We talked to retail strategy expert Bill Inzeo and our own Anja Popp about how mobile journeys can enhance the shopping experience and offer certain segments the option they’ve been waiting for.

Blog: What Makes the Difference between a Good and Bad Shopping Experience?

Vynamic Smart Assist provides real-time status of touchpoints or transactions anytime, anywhere, in-store, on any device. An assistant can easily clear an intervention and support customers on short notice.

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