Sustainability at Diebold Nixdorf

At Diebold Nixdorf, our Global Sustainability supports sustainable development and ensures that we’re compliant with all environmental, health and safety laws . We focused on proactively managing issues related to climate change and ensure that we provide employees with information on how they can support our sustainability goals. We’re striving to advance solutions according to economic, ecological and social aspects and enhance our business model sustainably. Our sustainability initiatives seek to prevent and reduce the negative impact of business operations while generating social added value.

Sustainability Guiding Principles

1. We apply our creativity and innovation to solve sustainable development challenges by fostering a dynamic and well-functioning business sector, while protecting labor rights and environmental and health standards in accordance with relevant international standards and agreements and other ongoing initiatives.
2. We comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety-related regulations.
3. We conduct company operations in ways that protect the environment by reducing waste, preventing pollution, promoting recycling, and conserving resources.
4. We communicate openly about our activities and maintain a constructive dialogue with stakeholders.
5. We strive to be good citizens by contributing to the environmental well-being of the communities where we work.
6. We respect employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and those living and working in the communities in which we serve.
7. We apply these principles across our operations, pursuing both global and regional goals.

Watch this video to learn more about our Sustainability efforts from Jon Leiken, Chief Legal Officer and head of DN’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program, and Jeff Reinmann, Global Sustainability Manager.

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