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The Key Role of a Diebold Nixdorf Product Specialist

By Pavel Mikovec, Product Specialist, Professional Services, Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf is known for its industry-leading family of ATMs and point-of-sale solutions used by financial institutions and retailers across the globe. But it's the agile software powering these machines that allows us to optimize the customer experience. Our Vynamic™ Payments platform is a perfect example of the future-ready technology that we offer for our customers. This agile, cloud-native solution is the next generation in payments processing software that can be adapted and customized to the customer's specifications. At the same time, programmers can build new upgrades and add-ons quickly. And it’s at this point in the product development lifecycle where my team of product specialists come in.

There are many ways as product specialists that we help with the development of the software. One of the primary tasks is acting as a liaison between the various departments and teams at Diebold Nixdorf to provide insight and knowledge. For Product R&D, the work involves discussing what new features can be incorporated into the software based on a project's requirements. We also provide feedback from the delivery teams for potential issues in newly created modules and work to find that best way to address them. Through this we can aid the various delivery teams throughout the life cycle of the products.

However, our job doesn’t end there. It’s important to ensure projects are completed on time and that our solutions function as intended. To do this, we help developers implement new features, as well as work directly with the client at the beginning of a project to workshop the program's architecture. Because Vynamic Payments utilizes a microservices architecture, software developers can complete many of these projects quickly.

Our people and our customers are another important part in this process, which is why we provide essential training for both Diebold Nixdorf's development teams and customers who employ their own developers. The training includes sharing best practices with the Vynamic Payment software, how the developmental framework functions, and working with the APIs. For customers, we offer this training either at their location or remotely using innovative online courses. Once a project has been completed, we can then help with the integration and installation of the software on a customer's servers, which is done on-site and allows us to provide more training, support and build deeper relationships with the customer.

Diebold Nixdorf is constantly pushing forward with new ideas to give our customers the ability to offer new and innovative services to consumers. As product specialists, we take an active role in various projects from inception to delivery. It is a challenging job, but I am proud to see how our software connects the dots to creating a seamless customer journey – from idea inception to solution delivery.

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