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Blog: The “Secret Sauce” Behind Our Services Competency

April 12, 2018  |  JOCHEN LEWELING

In today’s fast-paced world, many service organizations underestimate the importance of well-trained technicians. While perhaps faster to activate and cheaper to employ, under-trained techs can lead to inefficient service calls and consumer dissatisfaction. To enable the highest quality of service and ensure the right knowledge on every service call, Diebold Nixdorf has built a defined, standardized global training process that reaches our technicians and partners across more than 130 countries.

150 trainers. 100 different technical training courses. 10,000 technicians.

Our results-driven technical training approach delivers faster availability of devices, reduced service times and high qualified technicians who have access to an industry-leading global knowledge base, giving them the confidence to handle a wide range of devices and customers. To ensure our training is consistent, the content, methods and quality of our training is the same all over the world. We have a network of 150 certified trainers, who are qualified by our most elite, 4th level experts. The 4th level experts work hand-in-hand with our product developers and know the intricacies of each terminal. Together with our global training managers, these top experts help develop our training courses and labs, and represent our dedication to keeping every technician informed and up-to-date on technical details. The certified trainers work with the 4th level expert in their region to ensure the training is consistent and held to our highest standards, no matter where in the world the training takes place. This vigorous, standardized approach enables us to ensure quality service across a global force of more than 10,000 technicians.

Our technical training course is a combination of eLearning and classroom training, which is continuously refined and updated based on changing technology, technician feedback and discussions with customers. From our perspective, eLearning sessions must go hand-in-hand with classroom training, to properly combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills. A key, foundational component of our training is cost awareness – we want our techs to recognize opportunities to perform fixes in quicker, more cost-effective ways to reduce service costs for our customers.

The most exciting part for new technicians, of course, is getting their hands on the devices for the first time. Because they’re being trained in-region, they’re able to focus on the technology that’s most common wherever they live, and ensure they have specialized knowledge of the types of incidents that occur most frequently. We go through trouble-shooting techniques, hands-on sessions and root-cause analysis to prepare the technicians for high-quality service in the field. At the end of every training session, the technicians need to pass a certification test to get permission to repair and maintain an individual product family. After 18 months, they undergo a recertification test.

And for an extra layer of security, we developed the CrypTA-Stick. It’s a tool our service techs use on every single call to authenticate themselves on the device they’re there to service. The necessary authentication rights are related to a successful training and a regularly recertification technicians have to pass.

The extensive training and continuing education our techs receive is what matters most when the boots are on the ground and a financial institution has a problem. Our techs have a reputation for going above and beyond with our clients, and I think it’s because they have the tools and confidence to identify and correct issues in the field that even a bank might not have seen. I think the best way to share how our team of technicians stands apart from the competition is through the accolades they receive from our clients. Here are just a few:

“[Our Diebold Nixdorf technician’s] service was very well appreciated! I appreciated that he was able to resolve both issues within his first visit here. In my experience with some vendors from other companies, they don’t do the job correctly the first time and sometimes the second time.”

“The details provided [by Diebold Nixdorf service technicians] helped us educate [our] bank personnel. It is estimated that this has prevented about 200 service calls from being opened, as the faults were cleared without tech assistance. Thanks!”

“[Your service tech] took the initiative to address a situation that appeared to be an anomaly while on another call at the same location. We were experiencing fraud due to this event, which could have been worse if [he] had not taken the initiative to address a curious situation.”

“As we were struggling through the skimming device issue, it was [your service techs] who offered to run over to our other locations and check them to make sure that devices were not slipped in on these. And, it was late in the afternoon! Normally folks would be in a rush to get home. Not these guys. It was after 5 p.m. when they arrived at the other sites, and I received a text message that our other sites were skimmer-free.”

“The level of knowledge and professionalism from [your technician] is something not often seen these days.”

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