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Blog: Managed Services: The Diebold Nixdorf Philosophy

August 28, 2017  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase, “You need to walk a mile in my shoes”? As Vice President of Diebold Nixdorf’s Managed Services Delivery organization, I think about that phrase. A lot. Every day, my organization is performing critical business processes for our customers in which we are truly “walking in their shoes.” That is the essence of Managed Services: We walk with our customers AND we walk for our customers.

That relationship represents a big responsibility for every single individual in our service organization. As an external partner, we have to guarantee we can perform just as well as they could, if not better, to be effective and deliver the outcomes they desire. Our customers expect that when they turn over their self-service network to us to manage, we don’t miss a step.

How do we ensure success? One of Diebold Nixdorf’s biggest differentiators is a world class Managed Services Delivery Platform that serves thousands of financial institutions around the globe through a network of data centers, regional service hubs, and global monitoring stations.

The Managed Services Delivery Platform is the nerve center of our managed services organization. It is a powerful, interconnected system of people, processes, technology, risk management, compliance controls, and ongoing performance measurement, all working toward the common goal of delivering industry-leading outcomes for our customers. We’re able to tap into a global knowledge base that enables us to quickly assess and address issues as they arise, with the deep field expertise to solve challenges efficiently and seamlessly. As an organization, we’re aligned around a commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement – philosophies that drive us to act more collaboratively and more intelligently in the way we deliver services.

• People: We hire top talent in each region around the world and provide comprehensive training to ensure fast thinking and quick resolutions with global insight and local expertise.
• Processes: We continuously assess critical business processes and operations to ensure the delivery platform is capable of generating positive, long-term, customer outcomes.
• Tools and Technology: We make strategic investments in the right tools and technology to enable more intelligent and effective service delivery.
• Risk Management and Compliance Controls: We implement measures that protect our customers’ businesses, and our own, from emerging threats and maintain a rigorous approach to ensuring compliance.
• Ongoing Performance Measurement: We focus on quality and outcomes through continuous testing and inspection of the various tools, processes and management controls in place to deliver our services.

Find out how many endpoints we service, transactions we process and more:

“Operational excellence” is not a competence you can put on a PowerPoint slide and expect to become reality. It is hard work, but it’s work that I believe in, not just for the Managed Services Delivery organization, but for our customers. A philosophy of operational excellence empowers us to deliver superior service to customers around the world, each and every day, and drives us to meet and exceed industry service standards. We recognize that when you partner with us, you’re relying on us to help ensure the success of your organization, and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We’ve walked many miles and kilometers in our customers’ shoes. We’re ready to try yours on for size.

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