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Blog: From Dispensing to Recycling: Teller Automation that Drives Efficiency

May 14, 2018  |  TIM HOOVER

A new case study we just released offers an excellent window into how banks and credit unions can reap pretty astounding efficiency gains behind the teller line. This is a common project we work on with our financial clients: automating not only cash out but also cash in, by swapping cash dispensers for cash recyclers.

Founders Federal Credit Union had been using electronic cash dispensers behind the teller line for two decades—they understood the benefits of teller automation and they loved the technology. But during an evaluation of their teller-line processes, they realized a full recycling system could drive even more efficiencies for their staff.

After testing our cash recyclers specifically designed for use behind the teller line—Automated Teller Systems (ATS)—in their lab, the Founders team moved forward with the new technology, and are on their way to implementing ATSs across their entire branch network.

Read more about why the Founders team implemented Diebold Nixdorf ATSs, and find out one of the unexpected benefits of ATSs that the team encountered once they started using the technology:


Has your organization been on the fence about incorporating teller recyclers? Here are six reasons I recommend them to our clients:

  1. Your metrics on vault buy/sell interactions will vastly improve.
  2. Your tellers will be able to better manage their time, from fewer vault buys to reducing end-of-day balancing stress and things like double verifying transaction amounts.
  3. The transformed processes behind the teller line create a trickle-down effect that drives member satisfaction and helps strengthen member relationships and improve cross-sell opportunities.
  4. Account deposits help offset cash dispensed, which means back-office cash counting and dual-access control to the vault is reduced.
  5. The ATSs are more secure, since cash is stored overnight in a secure, UL291 Level 1 safe, and cash replenishment is done through a teller interface that doesn’t require access to the ATS safe.
  6. They detect counterfeit currency and sort for bill fitness.

Interested in finding out more—or demoing a teller cash recycler firsthand? Let’s talk!

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