The Future of Retail is Customer Engagement

Offenheit ist für eine erfolgreiche Selbstbedienungsstrategie unerlässlich

Der moderne Einzelhandel braucht Flexibilität und Schnelligkeit, um die Selbstbedienungsprozesse umzusetzen, die die Verbraucher erwarten. Die Lösungen müssen sich leicht integrieren lassen, schnell verfügbar und gut anpassbar sein.

Das Whitepaper beschreibt einen offenen Ansatz für Ihre Selbstbedienungsstrategie, um auf zukünftige Veränderungen mit neuen Technologien schneller und flexibler reagieren zu können.


of consumers

"own at least one loyalty card"

Source: Nielsen Survey, 2019

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Transform real-time data into consumer insights across your entire retail business.


Blog: Loyalty in Fuel Retail is More than Just Collecting Points

With the shift in focus from fuel to convenience, the relevancy of these type of fuel-centric loyalty programs is evaporating. Fuel retailers must look for other ways to keep customers coming back, and to distinguish themselves.


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Being successful in retail is all about delivering personalized experiences to consumers, both in-store and online. Vynamic™ Engage can help your retail organization address consumers’ individual needs and brand preferences, with new and smart ways to engage with each individual consumer, at every step of the consumer journey.


Engage More Deeply with Your Consumers with Vynamic Engage

Consumers expect a personalized shopping experience. With Vynamic™ software, you will have all the tools needed to use the right data at the right time, in order to deliver unique, unexpected moments of delight that will keep consumers coming back for more.