Interactive Video Teller

Bring value to your organization strategically with video teller.

Your Teller. Our Technology. Video-as-a Service.

Empower consumers to conduct advanced transactions from start to finish with remote assistance. With Interactive Video Teller now available as a service, the IT complexity is removed, your cost model is reshaped, and your operational journey is optimized—so you can focus on your consumers.

“In” the Branch or “As” the Branch

In Lobby

Enable extended hours and social distancing, making the self-service experience more convenient.

Drive Thru

Utilize drive-thru lanes for traditional teller transactions—freeing up in-person branch visits for more value-added interactions


Incorporate video in new, self-service- remote branch models that offer a new solution where a traditional full-service branch isn’t viable.

Bring the Best of the Branch to the Self-Service Channel

Download our Interactive Video Teller brochure to see how you can offer video capabilities through your self-service channel faster, more easily and at a fraction of the cost. Our pre-defined, packaged Interactive Video Teller solution is designed for implementation at your pace.


Automate ATM Balancing and Reconciliation Functions with Business Process Automation

As more services are migrated to your ATM fleet (using Video and Non-Video), keeping the G/L balanced is critical. Ensure accuracy and reduce manual balancing/reconciliation from several hours to several minutes per day.




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