Global Security Portal: Analyze, Communicate and Track Global Security Threats.

A Global Security Network Dedicated to Threat Mitigation, Security Awareness and Education

Diebold Nixdorf is committed to staying engaged in proactive communications and collaborative measures to help you stay ahead of evolving security threats. Our enhanced Global Security Portal offers convenient tools to help you act quickly when fraud occurs.

The foundation of our global security strategy is an action-based approach to Analyze, Communicate and Track (ACT) security threats worldwide. The Global Security Portal is where you can find security notifications, alerts and other valuable resources to help you ACT quickly when fraud occurs.

About the Global Security Portal

As a subscriber, you have direct access to our industry-leading portal, featuring a detailed security incident map that tracks developing threats. Plus, you can choose from various forms of communication to help you thwart new attacks, stay abreast of existing and trending attack vectors and be in the know at an early stage to initiate your own measures:

  • ACTive Alerts: contains information on modus operandi and attack vectors concerning the Diebold Nixdorf portfolio. Financial institutions should consider taking “action” based on the information provided, if applicable to their operations.
  • fACT Sheets: are used to summarize Diebold Nixdorf’s state of knowledge on a specific situation or attack type at the time of the document’s creation. As such, fACT Sheets are not normally related to a single specific incident but could comment on a dedicated third-party publication or news article involving Diebold Nixdorf's portfolio. In addition, fACT Sheets might be used to provide additional details to support ACTive Security Alerts.
  • ACTive Security Notifications: contains initial information on reported incidents in anonymized form. As such, information provided may be unconfirmed, evolving, or otherwise inaccurate, as there is still an “active” investigation in progress. Due to this, access to notifications is permission based and requires a dedicated request to as well as agreeing to specific T&C's upon entering the Global Security Portal. Access to ACTive Security Notifications includes access to ACTive Security Alerts and fACT Sheets.
  • Attack Type Definitions: provide specifications, characteristics, and details about a dedicated attack classification.
  • Frequently asked questions: provide information on topics that are relevant for all users of the Global Security Portal. It is intended to be the first point of contact for questions around the service itself and the website.

If you’re an existing subscriber, you can login now. If you’re new, please subscribe to start the process. For further information on the registration procedure and the usage of the Portal, please refer to the Quick Reference Guide.

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