Name Readme File
Other Device Drivers
Cashdrawer SMBUS V1.5.0.1-1 for B/M-III readme download
Cashdrawer SMBUS V4.0.8.0-02 for All-In-One Systems like iPOS plus adv. and A Family readme download
SMBUS/GPIO cash drawer driver for Windows, Rev download
Operating System Linux Updates
Patch for preinstalled Linux release 1.0A00 based on Red Hat 7.2 readme download
Operating System MS-DOS 6.22 Updates
BEETLE Memory Management - EMM386 memory manager information readme
BEETLE Memory Management - Memory configuration/ LAN1 Component TCPIP.EXE
BEETLE Memory Management - using VGA reserved memory areas readme
Install description ICU-KIT readme download
Possibilities to combine BEETLE-HW, MS-DOS, LAN1-SW, Retail Ext. BD or B. EXT MS-DOS download