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September 28, 2018 | BY Diebold Nixdorf

Video: The K-TWO Kiosk - Sleek, Smart, and Efficient

The K-TWO Kiosk from Diebold Nixdorf is the perfect tool in your omnichannel arsenal. This kiosk allows you to add a digital element to your QSR or business, along with more options for customer personalization. Merge the physical and the digital with this Reddot Award Winning kiosk that empowers customers through choice, frictionless interaction, and an enhanced experience.

September 27, 2018 | BY Devora Henderson

Though the self-service kiosk has been recognized as a solution, and has been adopted across well-known brands such as Panera and McDonald’s, quick-service brands are actually quite late to the game. See why kiosks should be an important part of every QSR's strategy.

July 16, 2018 | BY Gordon Klein

The 2018 RBR Global EPOS & Self-Checkout Market report projected a 7% CAGR for self-checkout (SCO) terminals around the globe from 2017 to 2023, noting that the EPOS market will grow by just 2%. What is driving this change in purchasing behavior?

June 27, 2018

Take a deep dive into the untapped potential of the dining room, kiosk upselling, and more.

June 01, 2018

See how a major QSR is using kiosks and other self-service technology in their digital transformations.

May 15, 2018 | BY Craig Bevan

Is your favorite fast food restaurant actually fast? Surprisingly, sales growth at quick service restaurants (QSRs) is slowing, driven by changing consumer attitudes and demands as it relates to co

May 10, 2018 | BY Devora Henderson

Our retail team just returned from a leading QSR’s Worldwide Convention, an invite-only event where we had the opportunity to demo our kiosks for more than 12,000 attendees from around the globe. A