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Blog: One Solution, Three Benefits: How Self-Service Kiosks are Transforming the Dave & Buster’s Customer Experience

December 02, 2019  |  CARL VON SYDOW

Entering a Dave & Buster’s restaurant is like walking into a living, breathing pinball machine. The lights, colors, sounds … it’s a chaotic, exciting atmosphere—and one that revolves around self-service. While there are wait staff, bartenders, hosts and managers, customers at Dave & Busters are as likely to be found roaming the “Million Dollar Midway” on their own, playing arcade games and exploring virtual reality worlds, as they are to be seated at a table digging into food and drinks. In an environment like this, the customers are calling the shots, which means Dave & Buster’s has to constantly innovate to deliver new and exciting experiences. 

With that in mind, the entertainment venue recently moved from pilot phase to full rollout of DN’s K-two interactive kiosks at their locations across the United States. The brightly colored custom kiosks fit in well alongside oversized retro Pac-Man games and VR dinosaur rides, but their real appeal is the new opportunities they’re creating for both Dave & Buster’s and its guests. 

1. Enhanced consumer experience leads to uplift in spend. Greater customer engagement can lead to greater satisfaction and higher spend. McDonald’s has reported 30% higher ticket sizes when customers order from their kiosks, and initial installations at Dave & Buster’s have delivered larger purchases as well. There are a variety of reasons why this phenomenon occurs: a kiosk never forgets to upsell or suggestive sell, for one thing; for another, there’s the psychology of self-service. When we’re left to our own devices, and we’re not giving a person our order, we’re apt to spend a little more. 

2. Marketing gets modern. With innovative software capabilities, Dave & Buster’s new kiosks are networked for payments, of course, but they also offer the interactive experiences retailers need and customers expect: now, each restaurant can tailor its marketing messages in near real time to feature current and local events, messaging customized for a particular region or timeframe, even viral videos and other multimedia can be featured with the touch of a button. 

3. Customers can do way more than purchase gameplay points. Modern self-service solutions have got to be flexible and future-proof. The old model of investing in massive IT projects—only to discover that after a couple of years, the program is obsolete and nothing can be added or altered—is gone, replaced with flexible software modeled on an open-API approach. With DN’s K-two kiosks, Dave & Buster’s can implement food ordering, loyalty programs, even randomizers built in to the payment process that enable the restaurant to offer contests and games of skill during the transaction process so customers can win things like a jackpot of credits or double their transaction’s credit value. 

When you’re drawn into an energetic, future-focused environment like Dave & Buster’s, it’s easy to see the potential that technology has to enhance our lives and bring excitement to brand interactions. Self-service solutions are helping retailers around the globe capture that excitement and fun to create new opportunities to engage with customers. Isn’t it time you thought beyond the transaction, to create interactive experiences that will bring your consumers back again and again? Let’s talk about your organization’s strategic priorities, and how our retail-hardened solutions could transform your brand. Start a conversation today!

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