Availability Manager

Reduce On-site Technician Visits & Increase Uptime.

Self-service devices are becoming far more complex than they once were. Networks today consist not only of self-service terminals, but assisted-service devices and mobile devices. Software upgrades are happening more frequently than ever, and multivendor networks are the norm, not the exception. New technology and evolving consumer behavior is crashing up against legacy infrastructure and limited back-end visibility. Equip your organization with eyes and ears.Remotely know what is—or isn't—working within your self-service network, and drive up to 99% uptime.

Remote diagnostics and repair
Dramatically limits the frequency of service calls and can shorten response times.
Fault messages identification and processing
Allows the machine to get back to working order fast and seamlessly.
Transaction Monitoring
Useful for terminal performance analysis to understand how the fleet is performing.
Real-time problem detection and notification
Enhances terminal performance by automating remote actions like reboots and hardware resets.