Connected Services

On-Demand Webinar: The Power of Connected Services

February 25, 2020  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Are you ready for the cloud? Or maybe you are … but some members of your organization could use some education?

The services industry has evolved. It’s no longer enough to simply react to problems—proactive, predictive service is quickly becoming the new gold standard.

Listen now as our global service experts discuss:
  • Connected services: the new normal. Gone are the reactive service days; we’re moving toward a proactive and predictive service model.
  • Cloud-based data collection. Modern connectivity options can enable enhanced access to the data you need to make better business decisions, while still adhering to compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • What’s really behind the data? You can no longer overlook the importance of predictive insights and big-data analytics. All that data can be correlated to add the right kind of value at the right time, wherever your organization needs it most.

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