Name Readme File
Windows GPD driver v6.0.6.0 for P1200, P1300, TH250 and TH230 printer Read Me DOWNLOAD
Guide / readme
TH210-VI / TH250 Thermal Printers
GPD for Windows (Rev. H) download
CUPS for Linux (Rev.1.0.2) download
JavaPOS Device Service
Script update for ProBase POS 2.1.x download
OPOS-UDM fix for Registry updater download
Activate USB Printing Support for POSready7 download
TH180 Thermal Printer
Discontinued products
POSUSB Drivers for TH230+ Thermal Printer
DN POSUSB Driver 3.10 read me download
TH230+FWv1.12-TH230FWv1.08 download
WN POSUSB Driver 2.50 read me download
POSUSB Driver 200880 31
Windows driver Drv.
Includes 32/64 bit drivers and OPOS SO
guide download