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Blog: Embracing the Self-Scanning Technology - Tackling the Complexity

Explore how speed, flexibility, and self-scanning technology drives retail success. Learn about digital transformation challenges and strategies for enhancing customer experiences.

Whitepaper: The Rise of Self-Scanning Technology in a New Age of Retail

In today’s retail environment, speed, flexibility & efficiency are crucial for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Learn why mobile self-scanning empowers customers.

Blog: Breaking Free From Traditional POS and Self-Service Coupling

Legacy POS systems limit innovation and complicate integrations. Embrace an open platform approach with open APIs and modular solutions for greater flexibility and cost efficiency. Discover how this strategy allows seamless integration of diverse technologies, fostering innovation and delivering a personalized, consistent shopping experience across all touchpoints.

Blog: Embrace an Open and Flexible Retail Self-Service Customer Journey

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, flexibility and rapid innovation are crucial. Outdated legacy systems slow down retailers but adopting a vendor-agnostic platform with open APIs and modular hardware, enables seamless integration of new technologies. Learn how this approach supports a unified customer experience, ensuring retailers meet high consumer demands and stay at the forefront of the market

Blog: Overcoming Pain Points in Self-Service Implementation

Discover the power of self-service technology in retail through the lens of our field expert with an in-depth exploration of retail implementation challenges and solutions. Read more on how to tackle integration complexities to prioritizing user experience, uptime reliability and maximizing return on investment.

Video: C&A Debuts Seamless Self-Checkout Technology From Diebold Nixdorf
Video: C&A Debuts Seamless Self-Checkout Technology From Diebold Nixdorf

C&A is ready for the runway and pioneer’s new self-checkout technology into its Hamburg stores. The fashion retailer successfully integrated modular DN Series® EASY ONE self-checkout solutions to support maximum flexibility during the customer journey.

Blog: A Flexible Future for Self-Service in Retail

In the rapidly evolving retail environment, retailers need new systems to meet consumers' needs and future-proof their infrastructure for new checkout and shopping methods. DN Series®EASY ONE enables them to fine-tune customer experiences, seamlessly integrate into their store workflow, and easily support new upgrades.

Blog: AI to Combat Shrink in Retail

Retailers in Germany witnessed a 150% increase in self-checkout. While self-service technology provides convenience, it also pose challenges such as inventory discrepancies. Discover how Diebold Nixdorf's innovative AI-powered solution is revolutionizing self-service operations and combating fraud.

Case Study: Besserer Kundenservice, mehr Umsatz: Selbstbedienungslösungen ermöglichen viele Vorteile in den Kinos von Cineplex

Erfahren Sie, wie Cineplex mit Self-Service Lösungen von Diebold Nixdorf die Kundenzufriedenheit verbessert und den Umsatz erhöht.

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