Barrier Solutions

Modular Vault Systems, After Hour Depositories, Safes, Bullet Resistive, and Lock and Key Management

Backed by more than 150 years of experience, our Barrier Solutions help you manage risk and secure confidence.

  • Modular Vault Systems

    Modular Vaults, Vault Doors, Day Gates, EVA II, Safe Deposit solutions

  • After Hour Depository

    Securomatic®, Universal Hopper, AHD Retrofit kits, and Envelope Depositories

  • Bullet Resistive

    Secure Entry and Bandit Barrier

  • Lock & Key Systems

    VeraPass Electronic Locking system

  • Smart Deposit Safe

    Smart Deposit Safe with integrated display and Smart Deposit Safe All-in-One solution

  • Safes

    UL Rated Unencased safes, UL Rated Composite Safes, "B" & "C" rated safes, and interiors

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